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Delete all the stories

1 · What is the "deletion date"?

All of our stories are ultimately deleted from our files. We don't keep any photos, after a certain date. It's a promise we keep with all our customers. This way, our customers can have the peace of mind that we'll NEVER use the photos we receive for anything other than your story.

That's why there's a "deletion date", three months after the story's created. This is more than enough time to download it, share it, and decide whether you'd like to buy a paper copy.

Even so, we've prepared the system so that you can delay the deletion date in your "My Stories" area. That way, you'll be the one who decides if you want us to delete it, or if you'd prefer that we wait a little longer.

So we don't stick our foot in it, we'll let you know via email when this date is approaching, so when we delete it, we'll do so knowing that you're ok with it.

2 · And if you need a copy a while after the order?

That's no problem, we'll do it. We'll respect the price per copy.

But please note: remember that you have three months to place this type of order for copies. We will notify you by email, and we will delete your story, if you do not ask us to postpone the deletion date. If you decide to increase this availability time, you can do it for as long as you wish.

If the copy you want is not for you, but for someone else included in the story, the order can be done in two ways:

  • Let them tell you, and you take care of everything from your profile, putting in their address.
  • Or you can use the "share" button and share the story with this person. So they'll be able to place the order from their profile without any problems, and they'll be responsible for shipping and payment.

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