Frequently Asked Questions

1 · Can you issue an invoice?

Of course, how could we not. We'll need your full name and Tax ID. Let me explain:

For all orders we prepare a cash receipt, which we send you by email, so that you can present a document to the rest of the group of what's been paid for, also corresponding to how many units and in what format. We do this for all our orders.

But also, for those who want an invoice, just say so (you'll be asked during the process) and we'll ask you for the details needed to prepare it.

Best wishes!>/p>

2 · Do prices include VAT?

Yes, of course! All the prices that you see on the website include VAT.

3 · Do you use the photos for anything other than the story?

Of course not. We'll keep your story for a while, if that's ok with you, in case you decide to buy the paper version after a while, but the photos are deleted after a few months, and you'll never see them anywhere else but in the story, in your paper-based copies or in the PDF. Specifically, the "deletion date" is 3 months after creation. You can postpone it on your profile, if you consider it necessary.

The photos you see on the website or in the sample stories are royalty free with full permissions. They are NOT photos of our customers, obviously.

Additionally, we'll make the following document available to you, where we guarantee what we'll use your photos for. Photo Use Policy

4 · And if some parents don't want their child to appear in the story?

Don't include them in the story, then. There's nothing more to say. So, you see, without their permission, they cannot participate in the story. Sometimes you tell us that it spoils the gift, that if the whole class isn't there it's not the same... and we understand that. But parents' rights to decide whether their child appears or not is much more important than anything else. I think we can agree.

Try suggesting that their child appear without a photo, just their name, and you can put a drawing that the child draws of themselves (to propose a different option). Maybe that option will suit them better. Or tell them that they can call us with any concerns that they have about how we work... but if they say no, then it's a no and that's that. Nothing else will happen.

If, after seeing the story made with the other children, they are interested, you can always "duplicate" the story and add one more child effortlessly.

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