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"Duplicate" story

1 · Can I create another story with the same photos? Use the DUPLICATE button!

When you finish making a story with us, clicking on the "accept draft", because you've already checked it and there aren't any mistakes, it opens a whole world of possibility. And we love one of them: the "duplicate" button.

You can ask us to duplicate your story, using the same photos and names, but without having to upload them again. So, without any additional effort, you'll be able to have the free, personalized PDFs of all our stories, or of whichever ones you want, so all the children can enjoy them on the digital whiteboard, or on their devices.

How does it work? Well, by clicking, under your story, in the section "My Stories", on the button: "duplicate". We'll ask you which of the options you'd like to choose:

.- Create the same story, but removing or adding children, or changing the teacher

- Create another one of our stories with the same photos

And that's it! We'll get to work, and you'll have it made for free! Magic!


2 · If I order a different story... do I have to upload the photos again?

If we're talking about stories with the same characters, don't upload the pictures again. Use the DUPLICATE button!

For example, you've created the story "The Colors" for your students. You can DUPLICATE, and request that we prepare "WILD ANIMALS" with the same photos, and we'll be delighted to do so. It's only a click away!

Or you may have ordered a gift for your teacher, "The Teacher Who Was at a Loss for Words", and as you're here, with the DUPLICATE button you can create the whole collection of class stories, and we'll give them to you as PDFs: Discover the DUPLICATE button, it's a top tip!

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