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1 · About us

A group of teachers and parents who enjoy telling stories, telling them to children and grown-ups, and making gifts... We've always thought that the best gift for a teacher, relative, or child is a story, we like writing, photography... so here we are! A business run by elves!

You can find out much more about us, even pictures of us as kids at "About us".

Elf greetings!

2 · How can I find out more?

You can find all the information in these Frequently Asked Questions, which we've put a lot of work into. But if you'd prefer to receive detailed information about a specific story or about a type of gift (for the teacher, for the grandparents, etc.) by WhatsApp or email, we'd be delighted to send it to you.

WhatsApp: send a message like "Hi, I'd like some info about such and such story". You'll receive the information in short messages and links, which are perfect for sharing.

Email address: exactly the same. Write to us and we'd be delighted to send it to you.

If you're the kind of person who needs to talk things through, and ask any questions you can think of, we're happy to do that too. Call us! There are times when the phone goes up in a puff of smoke, but as soon as we can, an elf will be at your service.

3 · What's this elf thing about?

Yes, we know we look like an online store, we have the shape of an online store, we work almost like an online store... but in reality we're an elf workshop. Many of you smile when the purple elf writes to you, or the rainbow elf, or the secretary elf... as if it were a game, or a joke... ok. It sounds good. Think whatever you want. If you were to see inside the workshop with all the elves making stories, you wouldn't believe it... but you can't see it. So it's fine with us if you think that it's a joke.

But remember one thing... when you walk in the countryside, walk carefully... You might unintentionally squash an illustrious short-story writer, or a reputed bookbinding elf.

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