Frequently Asked Questions

About the photos

1 · What should the photos be like?

Choose bright, clear photos. If they are, and are over 200kb, then they'll definitely look good. But you'll be able to view them in the draft, check how they look. Pay attention to these simple tips:

- Printing on paper can cause some light to be lost, so if you send us a half-dark photo, it may come out completely dark!

- Any phone or camera these days will give you enough quality, you don't need a super digital camera.

- Don't share the photo on WhatsApp, it spoils the image quality. On the screen, you don't notice it, but on paper you might. If you have to share it, do it via email.

- You'll crop them when you fill in the form, and you'll see for each case if it's square (most of them) or rectangular (landscape or portrait layout).

Get ready! It's going to look amazing!


In all our stories, there are photos that are essential, you'll see that we'll ask you for them in the form.

Additionally, you'll see that in some of our stories, those intended as gifts, you're given the option to buy space for "additional photos". In the sample stories on our website, you can see what the additional photos look like by clicking on "WITH additional PHOTOS" before viewing the sample.

You can add 8 pages (12 photos), 16 pages (24 photos), or 24 pages (36 photos) to your story. Adding photos to the free PDF is still free of charge, there is no cost for this.

The form will ask you about this additional space. You can choose WITHOUT additional PHOTOS, or space for 12, 24, or 36 photos.

The stories with this option are:

  • The three stories for teachers.
  • Story for the grandparents or aunts and uncles.
  • Story for couples.
  • Soccer album (we add pages with additional stickers).

Thank you for consulting our Frequently Asked Questions!

3 · Can they be scanned? Or passport-style?


The truth is that they can be scanned, of course... but we do NOT receive paper to our website, so you would have to scan them yourself, and you have to do it with the highest quality. It's the best option for old photos when necessary, but if we're talking about current photos, it's always better to take a photo of your child and send it, than to scan another one. It will look amazing, and it's very easy!

And with regard to passport photos. If you're referring to a digital photo that you've used for a passport or ID... yes, they're perfectly fine by us. If you mean the paper photo you carry in your wallet, which is already creased, well.... better not! Keep that one in your wallet, it's a treasure, but send us one you like that you've taken with your cell phone, it will be even better.

4 · How will I know if the photos work?

You don't have to wait for us to tell you, you'll see what it looks like in the draft. Perhaps on paper it can look a little darker than on the screen.

Our experience tells us that there are photos that some clients find very good and others they find very bad, so you need to look at the draft with care and not leave it up to us. Here are a few tips:

  • Tell the others involved in the story to send you the photo by email, NOT by WhatsApp. It's not a big deal, but WhatsApp spoils the image, and if it wasn't already very good, it can spoil it further.
  • Don't send us scans, or a photo of a photo... Take a photo with your cell phone, in good light, and send it to whoever is organizing the story by email. It's that simple. If you think it looks clear and bright, it'll come out ok for sure. If they are old photos, and you only have them on paper, then yes, scan them, but scan them with the highest possible quality.
  • We suggest that photos have a size bigger than 200 kb at least.
  • In the case of group stories, when you receive the photos from the other parents, if you see that one of them is too dark or the child looks bad, don't complicate things: tell the parent to choose another one if they want their child to look good, as they probably have a lot of nice ones on their cell phone.

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