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Story for your partner

1 · What should I have ready to make the couples story? "The Secret"?

"The Secret" is the best personalized story in the entire universe to give to your partner. Literally. Written by Marcink, from Mars.

INFORMATION: We'll ask you a few easy questions...


  • If your partner is he or she, his or her name, where he or she lives, your name...
  • When you want the Martians to "kidnap" your partner. This is going to be fun... Think of a moment when he/she would have been on their own in the city where they live.
    • i.e..: going to the doctor, or going shopping at a certain shop, etc.
  • 2 things that your partner has knowledge of:
    • i.e.: "human resources and photography". Or "soccer matches and sudoku".
  • 2 things they have experience in:
    • i.e.: "looking after children and taking the subway", or "looking for work and playing the guitar".
  • 3 hobbies/interests:
    • i.e.: "going to the movies, reading and singing", or "watching shows, traveling and surfing the internet".
  • City and country they live in, and month and year in which you want everything to happen.
  • Some place from their childhood
  • Place where you met
  • How long you've been together
  • You can write a dedication, if you'd like to.


  • 1 photo of the main character, your partner, on their own
  • 2 photos of their childhood. If you don't have these, in the form there are other options.
  • 2 photos of their family, memories that will appear in their brain. Old or recent.
  • 4 photos of hobbies/interests (the ones you wrote). Or things they're passionate about, or something related to this.
  • For example, it could be them playing the guitar, or if you don't have that, a photo of a guitar.
  • 4 photos of friends. With the main character or without, current or old.
  • 1 of "knowledge" and 1 of "experience". Linked to what you wrote.
  • 1 photo of you that you like
  • 1 photo of you when you were little. This photo is very important, it's the key to the story.
  • 1 photo of you where you're saying goodbye (take a picture winking, sticking out your tongue, blowing a kiss or smiling, or however you want... It will end the story together with the dedication).
  • 1 nice photo of the two of you together
  • 26 photos of your favorite memories. I'm sure you have memorable photos!


If you want to, you can buy space for additional photos, where you can put memories that will be meaningful for your partner. They'll be placed next to the good memories you chose previously. They can be:

  • 12 additional photos, 8 additional pages
  • 24 additional photos, 16 additional pages
  • 36 additional photos, 24 additional pages

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