Best gift for basketball team coach and players. Personalized basketball album, with photos of the players on the adhesive cards.
Best gift for basketball team coach and players. Personalized basketball album, with photos of the players on the adhesive cards.

Bienvenidos al mejor recuerdo para los niños y niñas amantes del baloncesto, que viven con pasión los entrenamientos y partidos con su equipo.

Podrás incluir varias fotografías de cada jugador, recuerdos de partidos, la cancha donde entrenáis, el entrenador/a, vuestro escudo, los colores de vuestra equipación… ¡Absolutamente personalizado! ¡Con cromos adhesivos! Un detalle para toda la vida, que guardarán como los grandes equipos guardan sus trofeos. 

El mejor regalo para los baloncestistas y el regalo más original para el entrenador del equipo. 

Flip through the pages!

All the boys and girls on the team will be surprised with their personalized basketball album, with stickers, just like their idols. The best gift for the basket coach and all the players on the team.

Formatos y precios:

Paperback29x23 cmSticker30 €
Shipment6.00 €*
Free PDFPurchasing 10 units
(*):El precio de envío puede variar en Ceuta, Melilla y Canarias


You have one point for each unit purchased, which you can exchange for discounts:

points Discount
10We'll give you a paperback for free. Always the most expensive among the ones you've chosen.
4We'll give you free shipping.




We explain the story in this video

Extra pictures

In addition to the necessary photos (children, coach...), You can add EXTRA PHOTOS! You can hire space for 12, for 24 or for 36 extra photos. Do you want to see how it looks?

Price for additional pages
Pages Extra pictures Price
1236+ 12 €
824+ 8 €
412+ 4 €

FREE digital preview

Once prepared, you can view it for free on the web without any purchase commitment.

Legal aspects:

We understand you may be concerned about the potential use of your photos. At, we guarantee that the photographs that you upload to the website will only be used in your order, and nothing else.

You can find more information in our FAQs.

Additionally, we'll provide you with a certificate guaranteeing this. Photo Use Policy


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